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IT asset management solutions

 The IT asset management scheme facilitates the automated statistics and updates of IT equipment assets, significantly reducing the extensive manual work and potential errors associated with asset management. This not only ensures accuracy but also enhances work efficiency, enabling optimal utilization of existing on-site IT equipment for management purposes without necessitating additional installations, thereby effectively minimizing costs. Simultaneously, it enables precise, immediate, and efficient resource management to achieve swift positioning and status tracking of computer room IT equipment while facilitating low-cost asset management.

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U-bit asset management scheme

PUE Energy Management System

The PUE energy management system is a real-time monitoring, refined statistics and analysis of the energy consumption of each subsystem of the data center. Its main function is to help operators accurately and quickly grasp the energy consumption status of the data center. Through the unified management of basic information such as Data Center Information management, power consumption sub-management, equipment parameter management, and user operation logs, it is energy consumption in the Data Center. Statistical analysis provides data support, which can effectively improve the energy efficiency level of the data center, reduce operating costs, and provide strong support for enterprises to achieve green and sustainable data center management.

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DCIM Infrastructure Management System

Big Banian DCIM data center management system is an intelligent management system for data center scenarios, which can manage multiple or single data centers in a unified way, help data centers achieve efficient, green and safe development, improve data center management efficiency, optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. The products mainly include operation and maintenance management, process management, shift management, work order management, inspection management, security management, energy consumption management, dynamic environment management, electricity safety management, infrastructure management, asset management, capacity management, digital visualization, statistical analysis, knowledge base management and other functions, providing more information and data to assist administrators in making decisions.

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DCIM Infrastructure Management System

Battery On-line Monitoring System

Battery on-line monitoring system is a monitoring system for the state of the battery. By monitoring the voltage, current, internal resistance, temperature and other parameters of the battery in real time, the system helps users find the faulty battery with serious performance deterioration in time and track the performance balance of the battery. In addition, the system also has a variety of abnormal alarm functions, such as total voltage abnormality, temperature abnormality, monomer voltage abnormality, internal resistance abnormality and other alarms, and can query the real-time alarm of the battery pack, historical alarm and other alarm information to facilitate finding the cause of the alarm.

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Battery On-line Monitoring System

3D Digital Twin Visualization

Through three-dimensional virtual simulation modeling, the actual scene is modeled at a 1:1 scale, and the geographical location, external environment, internal layout, functional area, decoration style, equipment objects, etc. are truly restored through refined, interactive and high-performance graphic display technology. The product displays the scene in a full three-dimensional visual way, including multi-scene management, system configuration, user management and other functions, creating a 24-hour online display of data operation status, which is convenient for managers to maintain and manage the system.

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3D Digital Twin Visualization
U-bit asset management scheme PUE Energy Management System DCIM Infrastructure Management System Battery On-line Monitoring System 3D Digital Twin Visualization

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Founded in 2003, Big Banian Technology is a manufacturer specializing in DCIM data center management platform and Data Center micro-modules, mainly including computer room PUE energy consumption management system, U-bit asset management system, Data Center capacity management system, micro-module computer room, dynamic ring monitoring system, digital twin 3D visualization, operation and maintenance management, file warehouse management system, etc. It has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification, patent pilot enterprise qualification, national innovation fund project, etc.


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